Loving your neighbor was a big deal for Jesus, so it is for us too. Here are some of the ways we try to do that at Chrio.

  • English classes

    Every Sunday morning at 8:30 AM, dialogue partners and students gather together in the Guerrero Elementary library where they enjoy coffee, treats, and conversation. 

    Interested in becoming a dialogue partner or simply checking it out? Contact Pei Hsieh at impeih@gmail.com. 

  • Blessing the school

    Each school year we prioritize supporting the family and faculty of Guerrero Elementary School. Why? Because we weren't designed to be takers in this world - but givers. So we support the school by volunteering at events like Dr. Seuss Night, Science Night, and Fiesta de Cultures. We also have an adopt-a-teacher program. Interested in learning more about serving at Guerrero? Contact Pastor Joel (joel@chriocommunities.com). 

  • Serving the Guerrero neighborhood

    Even though Chrio doesn't own its own building, that doesn't mean we aren't concerned about a place. When we first got connected to Pedro Guerrero Elementary School, we began to ask the question: How can we be a blessing? 

    Over the years, we have sensed the Spirit asking us to:

    • Pick the excess fruit (with permission!) from our neighbors trees so it could be donated to local food banks. This happens every year now.
    • Ask our elderly neighbors if there are home improvement projects we can do for them free of charge. On our Sacred Space days, we have built wheel chair ramps, painted homes, installed motion detector lights for safety, replaced weak floors in mobile homes and done a lot of landscaping.
    • Donate hygiene supplies to refugees moving to our city
    • Help a mother leave the sex trafficking industry

what does loving your neighbor look like?

This video gives a brief snapshot of one of the ways we try to follow Jesus locally.