We believe God is in the business of redemption. He desires to heal the broken, give hope to the hopeless, and provide liberation for the oppressed. We also believe he is writing this story-of-redemption-through-Jesus not simply in our city but throughout the entire world, AND that we have the privilege and responsibility to participate. Compelled by this reality, we choose to serve Jesus not just here at home but abroad as well. Here’s a snapshot:


Community Adoption and Partnership: Njuruta, Kenya

In 2008, working with Food for the Hungry International , we started an ongoing relationship and commitment to a community in Kenya. Njuruta is an incredibly under-resourced community affected by HIV/AIDS, drought, and poverty. Despite these conditions, our friends have an amazing spirit of hope, a desire to educate and train their children, and a plan for the future. Our involvement currently involves the following:

Child Sponsorship through FH (click to see children you can sponsor from Njuruta!)

Short-term teams to train, encourage, and empower:

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Special projects, such as tree planting, purchasing goats, etc.


Servants: Mark and Heidi (Bangladesh)

Primarily through aviation and in partnership with MAF, Mark and Heidi assist in relief and development efforts, thus seeking to cultivate relationships of hope and grace.