who we are

Chrio is... a word.

Okay, a Greek word, actually, that holds the idea of a noble purpose and calling – a “ mission,” if you will. That mission is this: rather than the norm of looking out for ourselves, “me-first,” and so on, we want to live for others and for Jesus. We want to tell others about God’s radical and incredible love for them, but mostly we want to show this love in how we live.

Chrio Communities is not... a place.

Yes, we do have gatherings - like Sundays at 10 AM and other gatherings we call Community Groups and Discipleship Groups, but we’re about much more than simply “going to church”. We believe that church is a people, not a place, and when we actually live in the pattern and example of Jesus, the world actually can become a better place.

Chrio Communities is... a Christ-centered family of missionary servants who are learning to live into God's story.

So if we are a people, what kind of people are we? Who are we? As a faith community, we understand ourselves to be defined by five identities. We understand each of these identities to be simultaneously a declaration and an invitation. It's a declaration of who we are, and it's something into which we are continually invited to grow.

our identities

Christ-centered – We are defined by our relationship to Christ. Who we are comes from who Jesus is and what he did.

Family – Because of Christ, we have been adopted into God’s family. This adoption defines our relationship to God and our relationship to one another.

Missionaries – Because of Christ, God has sent us into his broken world to participate in his mission of restoring all things to himself, especially people. This mission defines our relationship to those who do not yet know Christ.

Servants – Because of Christ, the way in which we relate to one another and the world is through sacrificial love.

Learners – Because of Christ, and as his followers, we are called to enter into a lifelong process of becoming more and more like him in every aspect of our lives.