Our story

In the spring of 2008, a handful of people found themselves unexpectedly “homeless” spiritually. Instead of simply looking for another church to attend, a few folks asked the courageous (and scary) question, “ What if God is leading us to start a new church?” Without knowing a lot of answers to the who, how, and what questions, they took a leap of faith, believing that God was prompting this step. As they started meeting together, dreaming and discussing, it seemed that God was leading them toward a different kind of church.

A church less about place and program and more about people. 

A church that looked outward even more than it looked inward. A church that got people involved and connected to their passions instead of spectating or sitting on the sidelines.

With that dream in mind, God has been at work. He’s always a step ahead, inviting us to follow Him and keep taking steps -sometimes even leaps - of trust in Him.


March 2008 - We started meeting together and considered the possibility of starting a new church with a missional focus.

June 2008 - Our first official Sunday gathering.

September 2008 - We called Richard Gotthardt to be our pastor.

August 2010 - We started meeting at Guerrero Elementary. Since then, we have served the school by providing food bags for students on the weekends, helping with their annual Cinco de Mayo celebration, and meeting various needs that come up throughout the year.

December 2011 - After three years of faithful service, Richard moved to a new ministry in Santa Cruz, CA.

January 2012 - We called Joel Scott and Michael Carlson to be our pastors.